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The SITY, Versity’s exchange token

The SITY token is a fundamental element of the Versity metavers. It is used for all exchanges and runs on the Polygon blockchain.

The SITY token is the exchange currency for the Versity metaverse created by Les Agences de papa Find out more about the token created to invest in the future of the metaverse.

The different uses of SITY on Versity


Whether buying PARSELL NFTs or paying for services or advertising.

Right of use

To pay to the owners of the NFTs PARSELL this right for each economic activity which takes place there (diffusion of goods, proposal of service, advertising etc...)


To collect a part of the royalties resulting from the resale of the NFTs PARSELL, which is redistributed in SITY to the holders.


The SITY token can be tied up for a specific period of time to generate passive income.


The SITY allows its holders to vote and take part in collective decisions.

Financial mechanism

A percentage of each transaction on Versity will be dedicated to feeding a liquidity pool.

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Versity, which allocation structure for SITY?

An allocation in favor of the SITY price evolution

  • 1.4 billion SITY are allocated to the public offering of tokens.
  • 1 billion SITY are allocated to the private sale of tokens. Unsold tokens will be placed in the reserve.
  • 300 million SITY are allocated to the liquidity pool.
  • 2 billion SITY are allocated to the Reserve held by Daddy's Agencies and intended to meet the obligatory demand for SITY
  • 1.5 billion SITY are allocated to community incentives and rewards.
  • 2 billion SITY are allocated to ecosystem development.
  • 1.1 billion SITY are allocated to free distribution to collaborators and the project team.
  • 700 million SITY are allocated to the project's boards.

Price of the SITY

Token Price affordable for all

Round 1$0,0045 70%
Round 2$0,0050 66,67%
Round 3$0,0060 60%
Round 4$0,0075 50%
Round 5 $0,0100 33,33%

SITY’s Tokenomics

A team of web3 experts dedicated to Versity

The Versity project was carried by many experts in decentralized finance such as Prince Ludju, co-founder of Maestria Blockchain, Amin Lams, ICO advisor, or Emilien Ercolani, blockchain specialist, in order to elaborate a clear and sustainable tokenism based on 3 pillars.

1. Minimum subscription amount

Depending on the 3 rounds of SITY's Public Offering, a minimum subscription amount is set as well as a maximum subscription amount.

RoundsMinimum amount
Round 1$1000
Round 2$500
Round 3$500
Round 4$250
Round 5 $100

2. Lock-up & Vesting

As a reminder, the lock-up corresponds to the retention period during which investors cannot sell their SITY tokens. It is a way to limit the massive profit taking of new arrivals, but also to guarantee the stability of the project and the viability of the ecosystem in the short, medium and long term.

Vesting is the process of releasing the tokens after the lock-up. Each investor can then claim his SITY tokens according to the pre-established acquisition curve.

3. ICO

The Hard-Cap to be raised in the framework of the ICO amounts to 9.975.000,00 USD (ten million US dollars). 1.4 billion SITY tokens will be sold during the SITY Public Offering, which corresponds to 14% of the total volume of tokens that will eventually be issued

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Burn Versity

A circular economy specific to the Versity ecosystem

Versity is positioned as the future metaverse dedicated to actors and consumers from the real estate market. In a virtual and VR compatible way, Versity reproduces a photo-realistic visual of existing cities. When a visitor walks through the streets of the metaverse, he will see icons appearing on some houses, buildings or apartments. These are the properties that can be traded directly in Versity.

Real estate investors and sellers will be the essence of the circular economy of the Versity ecosystem. This same economy is designated to correspond to a "use-to-earn" type model, however it will here be separated into a remuneration model for property providers and another for visitors (potential buyers).

The goal is to build these two remuneration models around precise actions that generate a profitable dynamic, by crossing the interests between the different actors of the whole ecosystem.

The actors included in the Versity economy are the following:

  • The carrier team
  • The property sellers
  • The users (from the simple visitor to the real estate buyer)
  • The real estate professionals
  • The investors of the crypto ecosystem (DeFi users, Trader, stakers, NFT)

Versity Stress Analysis

An essential strategy for the evolution of SITY

Developing a predictive economic framework is essential before launching a project like Versity. This can be complex as it depends on many scenarios, themselves depending on a set of variables. What if simulation analysis is a way to predict the outcome of a mechanism given a certain range of variables. These simulations reduce uncertainty and protect the project from unexpected events. The Versity team has surrounded itself with many experts, in order to produce a complete Stress Analysis to consider as many variables as possible.

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